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As always - thanks for your excellent work, orwell2024. I often refer to it in my Covid-comments. See my answer to Sonny Rider in the comments here.

I'll post the link to it on the Unz Review Newslinks if you don't mind.

Btw.: Japan seems to look a lot like Sweden and New Zealand with regard to excess deaths 2020/2021.

The same is true according to the Swiss virologist Professor Pietro Vernazza if one is willing to take a statistically correct look at the Swiss numbers. So - Pietro Vernazza opposes the numbers given at the Swiss Policy Research and the government and claims there'd be hardly any excess mortality in Switzerland too during the pandemic.

Here is an article about Pietro Vernazza's take on covid and excess deaths in CH

«Ich bin ein klarer Verfechter der Impfung» (medinside.ch)

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Hello Mate, Interesting article. I live in NZ. Ive started looking at our NZ Stats mortality statistics. These are monthly. I can also get the weekly registered death numbers from the NZ MOH as well.

Ive done some basic processing which is here;


I have a 60+ sheet in the processing spreadsheet. Note: we had a more severe flu season in 2019 which you did not include - Im curious as to why???

Also Im doing comparisons year to year and also just eyeing up the general trend. Whats interesting is that in 2020 and 2021 NZ has basically had no Flu season - as we closed our borders due to the pandemic.

You will see a large decline in mortality in 2020.

Mortality then sharply increases in 2021 - despite we appear to have no flu season and suspiciously seems to occur when we start vaccinating the population.....

No data for Oct to Dec 2021 yet but Ill add when its released (hopefully over the next week)

What are other explanations to account for the increased mortality in over 60s in 2021???

Could it be lack of flu season in 2020 has added say upto a year of life for a number of over 60s??? or is it vaccine related???

Ive also done a number of comparisons looking at each year with the prior year.

I plan to add the weekly vaccine data. In september 2021 mandates started coming into effect so younger cohorts will show big increase in vaccine uptake, which could be reflected in increased deaths as well....

NZ started to vaccinate 5-12 years olds in Jan 2022 so any spike in mortality rates will start showing here as well but this will likely not be available (Jan - Mar mortality rates) until June 2022.....

Love to chat, let me know what you think??

email kiwixport@yahoo.com

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Excellent article

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great analysis, ty.

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Since green-red colour-blindness is the most common sort, it is better to not use green and red when graphing anything.

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